Kolkata , Nagerbazar

At Kshitij, you can compete on the court, relax with your friends and family in the community areas or read your favourite book under the gentle shade of a tree. It is all about creating a property that is geographically centered around your life and your day-to day needs. You will be spoilt for choice - after all, you deserve to be at the very centre of attention. (Co Promoted)

Kolkata , Christopher Road

"Altius" Located in the heart of the city and close to all modern amenities, Altius incorporates a complete life style zone with G+24 floor with a terrace and bridge connecting the two residential towers. Swim, play, relax & entertain ...with your head in the clouds ! (Co Promoted)

Kolkata , Hastings Park Road
  • Location: Hastings Park Road
  • Number of units: 5
  • Year of completion: 2011
Kolkata , Rajarhat

You are a sector V professional sick and tired of the daily office commute. You commute more than an hour to and from your office each day. That's more than 20 day's a year on road...

Kolkata , Howrah

Sing me the legends of the river.Tell me a story of the sky.Clubtown Riverdale an upcoming residential project in Howrah. Designed not to shelter residents who stay within. But to free the spirit. Only 50 metres away from the enchanting Hooghly. With 70 per cent of its area open to the sky. Inspired by the beauty of its watery surroundings. In harmonious unity with its environment. Ornamented with a hanging garden on the 1st floor for all residents. Uninterrupted view of the river Hooghly from the upper floors.

Kolkata , Opposite City Centre II

5 minutes from the airport | 15 minutes from Sector V, Salt Lake | 30 minutes from Park Street | 2 minutes from expressway and City Centre - II