HR Philosophy

Our rule of four.

At Space Group, we believe in creating a congenial atmosphere so that the employees can place their trust in us and enjoy working with us. Maintaining a pleasant work atmosphere is our prime concern since it promotes holistic growth both for the individual as well as the organization.

Team Work is one of our most esteemed values that we aim to promote and internalize in every individual helping us become bigger and better. We believe in Henry Ford’s version of team work which goes onto saying - 

“Coming together is a beginning.

Keeping together is progress.   

Working together is success.”

Henry Ford

Team Work as a work ethic is held in very high regards at Space Group as we believe that everybody in the organization should work together as a team and stand true to their commitment towards themselves, the group and the society in turn as a whole.

Along with building inventive superlative structures, we continually work towards creating long term associations with all our customers and employees because we appreciate and honour every relationship we come across during our everlasting journey to achieve perfection in all that we think and do !

Lastly, the one rule we work by day and night is bringing transparency in implementation of all policies, especially when it comes to career growth and dealing with personal requests of all our employees. Every individual’s contribution in the growth and development of our organization is appreciated.