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What started with a vision of developing a medium sized residential project in Howrah has now grown into a 200 person organization, transforming into one of the biggest real estate developers in India. Space Group adopts a pioneering vision benefitting not only consumers but also raising the standards of living in the city of joy, Kolkata, Chennai and Bhubaneswar.

We have been flourishing in the real estate sector across the last three decades constructing properties evolving the personality of the pin code for a large cross section. The group’s first mover action into projects, like Silver Spring, Clubtown Residency and others, gave birth to new locations altogether since the earlier locations where it ventured were considered too removed from downtown Kolkata. Today, these very same areas have become the focal point and the benchmark for engendering quality living coupled with entertainment and leisure to the residents.

From premium luxurious apartments to high-end villas to IT hubs and commercial malls, we’ve dipped our toes into all kinds of property developments. With the ambition of always venturing into unchartered waters, we have created attractive properties in unglamorous locations, pricing them as effectively as possible.

Our foresightedness in the real estate sector and the concept of injecting ‘clubbing lifestyle’ as a form of entertainment in the residential complexes groped attention all over. We innovated the concept of modern-day clubbing supported by comprehensive amenities for families as well as adults, available to them at their very doorstep! The most noteworthy in this regard would be Space Circle attached to Space Town (2003), a 80,000 sq ft modern-day club with world class facilities and Spring Club attached to Silver Spring (2007), one of the first clubs in Kolkata to implement the coveted ISO:22000. Space Group with ‘Space Town’ brought in the culture of ‘complex’ into residential housing as it is the first complex of Kolkata.

Space Group has marketed more than 5000 apartments thus far evolving from local to regional to a national entity. It has provided more than 7 million sq ft of residential space and rented more than 1.3 million sq ft of commercial space.

We have always dared to think different and the results are in front of and all around you!